Dura Products Industries-DPI
Dura Products Industries-DPI
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Dura Products Industries - DPI
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The land traffic infrustructure in the developed and developing countries is on the increase every year. To cope with the increasing traffic condition, better roads and cross-country highways are being constructed with the help of new technology.

Improved safety measures are being incorporated into the modern road systems to enhance the safety of road users. Such safety measures include more visible road signs, light reflectors, road studs, road dividers, guard rails, traffic control systems and road markings.

Road markings have hitherto played an important role in guiding traffic directions. In the early forties, a single dividing line was drawn in the middle of the road to keep the traffic on the correct side of the road to prevent a head on collision. As the roads became wider, lane lines were introduced to make driving more orderly. Consequently, more marking features were introduced which include edge lines, chevron lines, zebra crossings, directional arrow, letterings and numerals to guide drivers to their destinations safely.

Hot melt thermoplastic road marking material was put to use in the sixties and has become a major marking material since. It gives more durable lines with all the features required.

DPI Thermoplastic was developed with the assistance of Shinto Paint, Japan in 1985. Consistent efforts were made to improve the quality of the product through research and development in order to obtain improved formulations to suit varying conditions.

DPI Thermoplastic is manufactured under very stringent quality control measures using the highest quality raw materials. The product qualifies specifications set by Australia Standards AS 4049.2, High Performance Australia Standards AS 4049.4 and Japan Industrial Standards JIS K5665. Furthermore, DPI Thermoplastic Roadliner can be fine-tuned to cater for standards such as U.S., European union, Japan, etc.

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Dura Products Industries-DPI
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